Hi, I'm Melinda

Melinda Gore

Welcome to Mint and Milieu!

I'm a certified health and well-being coach and interior design enthusiast. I have a true passion for health, wellness and design and I'm totally intrigued by how they all have the potential to positively impact our lives.

I live along the South Carolina coast with my husband Jeffrey. You'll hear me talk about him often because he's the one who brings me back to earth when my design ideas get a little out of hand. That's code for "too expensive." I started this blog because we're in the process of building a custom home here at the coast and I'm constantly in search of fun, stylish and creative ways to bring wellness into our design. I lovingly refer to the build as our "forever home", however this is only true if the Hubs (that's Jeffrey) doesn't sell it before we move in.

I'm a beach girl through and through. My life's mantra is "light and airy living at the coast." I've always been passionate about the purposeful design of spaces. Well before "wellness design" gained popularity, I was keenly aware of the impact my home and surroundings have on every aspect of life. In the process of planning for the build, I encountered many questions about the best and most impactful health conscious solutions to include.

My perspective as a health and well-being coach AND interior design enthusiast is unique. From my point of view, I believe you can incorporate health-conscious design into your most important spaces, and you can achieve this without sacrificing style. Pairing health and style at home is important to me. There's just something about it that lends to joy, happiness and overall improved quality of life and I am more than excited to share it with others.

I hope you'll join us on this journey and take away some exciting ideas for incorporating health and wellness into your home. Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments and share some of your discoveries. Again, I'm so glad you're here!

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